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Course detail

FotbalPark Dymník PROFI

Course status: In operation

Address Výletní 775, Rumburk, 408 01
Country Czech Republic
Mobile +420 608 555 106
Granted 05/30/2014

First certificated course FOTBAL PARK DYMNÍK is situated close to city Rumburk on the hill Dymník (516 m). Right next to the course is pension and restaurant Dymník which was reconstructed in 1895 from old hunting lodge and which serves many generations of tourists as resting place on their hikes since than. Reconstruction of the building and completion of the whole site together with great cuisine brought back to Dymnik it's traditional popularity.

Course is built according to World Footballgolf Association rules and Czech Footballgolf Association licensed it. Tournaments and contests within CFGA and international tournaments as well can be held under this license on our course.

We held first Czech Open within the world series. It’s also great honor for us to organize the World Championship 2015 in August.

Course status Course dificulty Count hole Par Course length (m)
In operation PROFI 18 72 1644



Course holes

Number: 1 Par: 4 Length: 116 (m)
Number: 2 Par: 3 Length: 71 (m)
Number: 3 Par: 5 Length: 84 (m)
Number: 4 Par: 3 Length: 64 (m)
Number: 5 Par: 4 Length: 89 (m)
Number: 6 Par: 3 Length: 138 (m)

Number: 7 Par: 5 Length: 129 (m)
Number: 8 Par: 6 Length: 138 (m)
Number: 9 Par: 3 Length: 75 (m)
Number: 10 Par: 5 Length: 122 (m)
Number: 11 Par: 4 Length: 85 (m)
Number: 12 Par: 5 Length: 142 (m)

Number: 13 Par: 4 Length: 66 (m)
Number: 14 Par: 5 Length: 82 (m)
Number: 15 Par: 3 Length: 38 (m)
Number: 16 Par: 3 Length: 70 (m)
Number: 17 Par: 4 Length: 66 (m)
Number: 18 Par: 3 Length: 69 (m)

Fotogalerie hřiště

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Basic information

The history of the FootballGolf in the Czech Republic has begun in fall 2013 when the Czech Footballgolf Association (CFGA)
was founded and became a member of the World Footballgolf Association

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