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Course detail

Hejnsvig Fodboldgolf

Course status: In operation

Address Fugdalvej 4, Hejnsvig, 7250
Country Danmark
Phone +45 60 68 68 29
Granted 05/01/2019

Hejnsvig Footballgolfers won the World Championships in 2012 - You can see the great trophies at our place.

Fun and Action Football Golf is a nice 18-hole football golf field which is great fun for everybody who wants to exercise, discover the nature and a fun experience.

Football golf comes from Sweden and is a combination of football, golf and minigolf. There is a beautifully built football golf field in Hejnsvig with 18 exiting and challenging holes – only 10 minutes drive from Billund. The field is established in an old gravel pit and this is what makes the field unique.

The field coils up and down the hillside, and it makes it a special and fun play experience.
Football golf is for everyone. Mum, dad and kids can enjoy the fun together - it is an amusing game for the whole family regardless of age and previous football or golf knowledge. You are welcome to bring your packed lunch and enjoy the nice facilities at Fun and Action Football Golf in Hejnsvig.

Course status Course dificulty Count hole Par Course length (m)
In operation FUN 18 68 856



Course holes

Number: 1 Par: 3 Length: 48 (m)
Number: 2 Par: 4 Length: 45 (m)
Number: 3 Par: 6 Length: 61 (m)
Number: 4 Par: 3 Length: 52 (m)
Number: 5 Par: 3 Length: 64 (m)
Number: 6 Par: 4 Length: 28 (m)

Number: 7 Par: 5 Length: 93 (m)
Number: 8 Par: 6 Length: 74 (m)
Number: 9 Par: 3 Length: 36 (m)
Number: 10 Par: 3 Length: 33 (m)
Number: 11 Par: 4 Length: 48 (m)
Number: 12 Par: 4 Length: 43 (m)

Number: 13 Par: 4 Length: 56 (m)
Number: 14 Par: 3 Length: 47 (m)
Number: 15 Par: 3 Length: 43 (m)
Number: 16 Par: 3 Length: 30 (m)
Number: 17 Par: 4 Length: 48 (m)
Number: 18 Par: 3 Length: 7 (m)

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Basic information

The history of the FootballGolf in the Czech Republic has begun in fall 2013 when the Czech Footballgolf Association (CFGA)
was founded and became a member of the World Footballgolf Association

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